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Escape Room Andana 9 3/4

Will you be able to do away with the dark lord’s plans?


We present our new room Escape Andana 9 3/4, a space set in the magical world, which is intended to place the player in a most fantastic space …

This new game of escapism live on the magical world enjoys a high degree of immersion in the story so that the players get fully into the role and feel even more the exepriencia of this game. For this, we have a decoration and setting where it has been taken into account to the smallest detail in order to cause this impact in the room.

In the escape game Andana 9 3/4 you will have to show your ingenuity to the fullest, and together with the help of your ability to work in a group and to communicate with the other members of the team, you will have to solve all the enigmas and tests that it offers you this room escape, all this within a fully magical environment which will offer you some very interesting challenges.

This game can be played between 2 and 6 people at the same time inside the room, and you must explore each and every one of the resources and tracks exposed in the room to be passing the tests, and finally achieve the goal before it is over time. The magic will be with you!

We need a team of intrepid guardians who move to the School of Magic and Sorcery and manage to close the portal before it is too late.

So, if you like the world of magic, this escape room located between our world and the magic must be your choice. So you know, prepare your wand and make your reservation now!


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