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Room Escape Víctima 17

Are you gonna let the victim die or are you gonna catch the killer?


Victim 17 is a live logic game for large groups of players. This is an investigation that, by solving different clues that we provide you with, relating them to clues that you have around the room and, above all, by working together as a team, you will be able to discover and catch a serial killer, willing to kill his victim, will you be able to save him?

In our Victim 17 escape room game the goal is to save the next victim from a serial killer who works meticulously. The clues we’ve been collecting indicate that according to her pattern we only have 90 minutes left to catch her.

Our unknown killer is very good, because he’s already got 16 victims on his back. However, such a large number of crimes have led to numerous clues and clues. That’s why we need you to help us link all the clues and catch the killer before he kills his next victim.

So the more people you help us investigate the better. That’s why this logic game is for teams of 10 to 60 people. But don’t worry because you’re all going to be constantly researching, you’re not going to get bored because you’re going to work in teams of 3 people that will allow you to develop your research much better.


As with the rest of room escape, teamwork, collaboration and good communication will be essential.

This large group escape room requires observation, dedication, divergent thinking, logic and many other features, which are also necessary to solve this mystery that will make your hair stand on end.

Our puzzles and enigmas reach all the typologies so you can all contribute a lot to this adventure. Anything can be a good clue so you should go with your eyes wide open, with your mind open, ready to see where there is no and turn around the coconut.

Don’t be in a hurry! You have 90 minutes to resolve this distressing scenario. It is necessary to absorb as much information as possible and dedicate enough time to each clue in order to continue with the mystery.

room escape para grandes grupos

Explore all the resources given to you and do not discard anything, even if you think it is not useful. Team building, companionship, observation and communication skills are necessary to successfully accomplish the mission.

You must all find out who this serial killer is in order to avoid the death of his next victim, Victim 17.

Do your best, decipher our simple -and not so simple- enigmas, surrounded by a spectacular setting, completely accomplished, capable of making you believe that you are really following the trail of a dangerous killer.

Victim 17, the live escape game for large groups, is ideal for work groups because of the possibility of working in a large team (up to 60 people). However, anyone can play it.

Try the escape game Victima 17, you’ll love it!


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