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What’s a Escape Room?


What’s a Escape Room?

A Escape Room or live escape game is a free time activity thought for couples and groups of people consisting of finding clues and using logic in order to solve puzzles and riddles, with the goal of completing different tasks and in the end escaping the room before time ends (usually, the available time is 60 minutes). The intention behind the game is to stimulate:

  • Logic
  • Mental agility
  • Resolution capability
  • Strategy
  • Team work


This escapism game is carried out inside one or various rooms that are decorated according to the designated theme of the escape room. They’re rooms prepared for this use and full of riddles and mysteries that will have to be solved in order to advance.


In escape rooms you will find objects of all types that you will have to use to fill the different tasks in hand. This will be accompanied with a series of clues and riddles to stimulate all five senses, from texts to read to sounds and smells.


All rooms will be surveyed and controlled at all moments by a game master, who will provide any extra needed clues when the players precise them, and will also ensure the game is being carried on in a fluid and civil way.


Before the game, there will always be a brief explanation of the game operation and the different rules in it, to clarify what’s permitted and what not and to answer any doubts the participants may have. Once everything is clear, the adventure starts.


Escape room Simulacre Vuit Barcelona




Escape Rooms appear as an alternative to already existing free time activities and are available for most public, generally over 14 years old. Live escape rooms claim to be an excellent option for those who seek to spend a fun time exploiting their logic, strategic and cooperative capabilities, as they are thought for groups between 2 and 6 people in general, although there’s always exceptions and games for bigger groups.

It’s definitely a new free time activity to have fun with other people in which you’ll exercise your brain, test your wit and interact with other people in order to complete the tasks in hand before time ends.

Bet on innovation and accept the challenge set by Simulacre VUIT Room Escape, a great way to enjoy this new entertainment option with your partner or friends.

Our escape room in Barcelona consists of two different escapism rooms, Amazonas and Andana 9 3/4, with different settings and riddles. You will be able to choose between three different types of games:

  • INDIVIDUAL ESCAPE: Between 2 and 6 people in one room.
  • COMPETITIVE ESCAPE: Between 4 and 12 people divided in two rooms so you can compete in real time one against the other.
  • INDIVIDUAL / COMPETITIVE: Between 2 and 6 people in one room but choosing to be open to compete against an unknown group of people.


In our opportunities section you will fin the options for “Room escape gifts” and “Play double”. First one consists on a voucher for one of our games that you can gift to whoever you wish and that you will have to book through our email [email protected]. The second option consists on booking two consecutive hours in order to rematch the other team in a competition game, applying a 15% discount in the second hour.

In our escape room Simulacre VUIT Barcelona we have different levels of difficulty depending on the experience that you have on escape games, or on the willingness and motivation to face the most difficult challenges at first. Inside our game options you will find:


  • Escape Room for couples
  • Escape Room for friends and family
  • Escape Room for businesses
  • Escape Room for birthdays
Room escape Simulacre Vuit en Barcelona

Room escape Barcelona


Escape Room for Businesses


Simulacre VUIT Businesses offers the possibility of carrying out activities for groups of business workers with the intention of boosting aspects such as collaboration and team work, communication, strategy, wit and personal dedication, all of this through games thought for and adapted for this matter, or through talks, events and coaching sessions.


Aside from playing our escape room as a group, there’s also the option of choosing the Víctima 17 mode, a game of escapism for groups between 10 and 45 people, in which you will be divided in small groups that will have to solve riddles, puzzles and small games, using logic, intelligence and deduction to fulfill the goal of catching the murderer before the 90-minute mark.


Additionally, we offer you sessions of business coaching for a better individual performance and team work. Along various options made to size according to every business’s needs, such as talks, gymkhanas, big-size games and events of all types to motivate group cohesion.


Room Escape para grupos


Main characteristics of Escape Rooms


These new entertainments that already top lists of free time activities like “things to do in Barcelona” follow a concept and a pattern similar in between them as a sign of identification of live escape games.




As the name says, escape rooms are carried on in one or various rooms inside a same space, whether it is a flat, a commercial space or an industrial unit, all of them suited for each case.


Each space has a different theme that counts with numerous decorations, with different sections full of games and mysteries, and doors that will have to be opened, with help of a key or any other method, in order to continue.




It’s the person assigned to management of the games, with the motivation to encourage and help players so they have more chance to complete the tasks, as well as the job to ensure everything carries on normally and without any accidents during the game, reminding the players of aforementioned rules when necessary.


Besides that, the game master will also be able to announce how much time is left, parts of the story of the game and various messages to disconcert the players or give the game a pinch of humour or fear.




For the escape games, groups may vary between 2 and 6 players, double when the game occupies two rooms at the same time, which will consist of 4 to 12 players divided equally in both rooms. In exceptional cases, like the game Víctima 17, the groups will vary between 10 and 50 people, as it is a game that can be adapted to the number of participants.


Precio escape room Barcelona


In all of them there will be a maximum number of players at the same time, and all of them will have the goal to boost team work, mental agility and resolution capabilities to decipher each riddle and go on. It can be considered as a group therapy activity that besides being fun, can help improve relationships and strengthen bonds between the members of each team.




Riddles to solve are the base of this game, which will have to be completed in the correct way and inside the time limits required by the Game Master. This said, we will be able to find an unlimited assortment of tests and mysteries: puzzles, riddles, object sequences, logogryphs, hieroglyphs, numerology, calculus, word and letter games, etc.


Solve them all to escape the room!



In the standard mode there are 60 minutes available to escape any of both rooms, Amazonas and Andana 9 ¾, where you’ll find a great amount of mysteries and difficulties that you’ll have to overtake in your way. Although the game time may vary according to the game modality and chosen difficulty, moulding to the different scenarios and player requests.


In case of the game Víctima 17, game time available will increase to 90 minutes, in which the murder mystery will have to be solved and the murderer caught.


The time available in the different game modes is considered to be enough to find clues and solve every mystery and puzzle in the room.


Do you think you’ll be able to escape our Escape Room Simulacre Vuit?

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