Escape Room Victim 17

escape room victima 17


Victim 17 is a live logic game for large groups of players. It is an investigation that through resolving different clues that we provide, relating them with clues that you have in the room and above all working in a team together you can discover and catch a serial killer, willing to kill his victim 17, Will you manage to save her?


In our escape room Victim 17 the goal is to save the next victim of a serial killer who works meticulously. The clues that we have been collecting indicate that according to their pattern we only have 90 minutes to catch it.


Our unknown murderer is very good, since he already has 16 victims behind him. However, such a large number of crimes have led to numerous indications and clues. That’s why we need you to help us relate all the clues and manage to catch the murderer before he kills his next victim.


So the more people you help us investigate a lot better. That’s why this logic game is for teams between 15 and 45 people. But do not worry because everyone will be constantly investigating, you will not get bored because you will work in teams of 3 people that will allow you to develop the research much better.


Juego de escapismo para grupos grandes


Room escape for large groups


As with the rest of the room escape, teamwork, collaboration and good communication will be essential.

This escape room for large groups requires observation, dedication, divergent thinking, logic and many other characteristics, which are also necessary to solve this mystery that will make your hair stand on end.


Our puzzles and enigmas reach all types so you can all contribute much to this adventure. Anything can be a good clue so you should go with your eyes wide open, with an open mind, willing to see where there is and turn the coconut.


Do not hurry! You have 90 minutes to solve this anguished scenario. It is necessary to absorb the maximum amount of information and to dedicate enough time to each track to be able to continue with the mystery.

Juego de escapismo para grupo de personas

Explore all the resources you are given and do not discard anything, even when you think it is not useful. Teambulding, companionship, observation and communication are necessary skills to be able to successfully solve the mission.


Among all you must discover who is this serial killer in order to avoid the death of his next victim, Victim 17.


Put everything on your part, deciphering our simple – and not so simple – enigmas, surrounded by a spectacular setting, completely achieved, capable of making you believe that you are really following the trail of a dangerous murderer.


Victim 17, the live escapism game for large groups, is ideal for work groups, precisely because of the possibility of working in a large team (up to 50 people). However, anyone can play it.


Encourage yourself to try Victim 17, you will love it!

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