Escape Room Amazonas VUIT

Do you dare to explore the Amazon and find the answer?


We present our room escape Amazonas VUIT, a place set in the Amazon rainforest, with what is intended to reproduce a space in the middle of nature. In this escape room you must find clues and solve the riddles through intuition, logic and teamwork, in order to move forward and finally escape the room before the end of regulation time.


This is the first room escape, in which the plot is joint with the Andana 9 ¾ escape room, in which Mr. Oscuro has opened a portal that connects the two worlds. We guardians, who watch over the magic and security of the worlds, we must travel to the real world, specifically to the Amazon to get close the open portal before the worlds are destabilized.


“The objective of the game is to complete each of the tests in order to solve the mystery of his disappearance.”

In the Amazonas VUIT escape room you will have to use ingenuity and your communicative as well as deductive abilities to solve riddles with agility, all surrounded by a natural environment in which conditions are not easy.


This game can be played between 2 and 6 people at the same time, and you must explore each and every one of the resources and tracks exposed in the room to be passing the tests.


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