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Simulacre Vuit Room Escape Barcelona

The Dark Lord has opened a portal between the world of magic and the world we know. We need a team of intrepid guardians who manage to close the portal before unwanted hands take control of both worlds.
Will you be able to complete the mission in our room escape?

Time room escape

You have 60 minutes to  accomplish the mission throughout logic, cleverness, intelligence, deductions, riddles and padlocks.  Do you want to know more about our game?

room escape logic

A truely live RoomEscape. Where you will experience by your own yourselves the emotion of this game.

Escape room groups Barcelona

Gather your team for this new adventure, remember that you can be from 2 to 6 people as well as large groups of up to 200 people!

The entry is allowed from 14 years old. From 14 to 17 they must be accompanied by an adult.

Live room escape in Barcelona
Sala d'escapisme a Barcelona

Our Games

Room Escape Andana 9 ¾

We are thousand-year-old guardians who from the beginning of magic times, trying not to be know and affect our world. Now, the Dark Lord has opened a portal that connects the world of magic with ours. This can destabilize everything and can create the absolute chaos.

We need a team of intrepid magicians to move to the place where the dark has opened the portal, and manage to close before unwanted hands take control.

You will have an hour to get all the setbacks that the Dark Lord has prepared for you. You must help your skills and use logic, intelligence to achieve the goal.

Escape room Simulacre Vuit Barcelona

ANDANA 9 3/4

New Andana 9 3/4 escape room game. You will travel to the world of magic, in the school of magic and sorcery. The Dark Lord has put many magic traps and you must use your skills, see beyond magic and not lose yourself through the hidden halls of the castle

Will you be able to get it before the time runs out?

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Magic room escape


A very important figure around you has been kidnapped and the police can’t find him. We need some brave intrepid people to infiltrate a home where it looks like there might be a clue, rescue the victim and set up a trap for the kidnapper.

The Rescue is a Room Escape with an atmosphere according to the theme, where the objective of the group of between 2 and 5 people, is to escape with the mission resolved using logic, intelligence and deduction.

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room escape el rescate



Victim 17 is an escapism game for larger groups, as it is designed and adapted for a number of participants from 10 to 60 people. With all of you there will be small groups in which, as in the other games, you will have to pay attention to the clues provided to try to solve the puzzles and enigmas in a collaborative way, where a good communication and good teamwork will be essential to achieve the objective, in this case to discover and catch the serial killer before the end of the 90 minutes of this escape game for large groups.

Can you save victim 17?

More info


West is a research game for large groups of 15 to 150 people in which enigmas, puzzles and small games have to be solved, using logic, intelligence and deduction to catch the villain Billy Joe.

This escapism game will be played with the whole group playing at the same time in the same space and making small groups of 3 and 4 people, in which each group will have to solve their enigmas. Teamwork and communication are essential to solve the mystery in 90 minutes.

Become a real cowboy.

More info
room escape west
room escape para niños el poder del futuro

Escape Room for kids: THE POWER OF THE FUTURE

The Power of the Future is a research game for groups of 9 to 30 children between the ages of 8 and 12 in which puzzles, puzzles and small games must be solved using logic, intelligence and deduction to save the planet.

This activity will be carried out with the whole group playing at the same time in the same space and making small groups of 3 or 4 people, in which each small group must solve its enigmas in less than 90 minutes.

Can you become a superhero?

More info



Group of 2  = 60€

Group of 3  = 66€


Group of 4 or 5 = 80€


Group of 6 = 90€



Do you want to make the best gift for that special person? So don’t hesitate, give Simulacre VUIT as a gift with one of our escape rooms.

You can choose between these different options. Clic over the product to buy them froum our web site.

If you want to get one of these gifts you can come and pick them up at our store or we can send them to you by mail paying 5€ for shipping.
Ask for more information and get it at [email protected] or phone 93 1268982

Companies & Events

The department that is responsible for working with and for companies within Simuacre Vuit offers from “Ready to play” games with an extensive catalog, not only of traditional games of escape but of games for large groups, to fully customized games to work on the theme or the objectives that your company needs. We invite you to know all the possibilities on our website of Simulacre Vuit Empresas.

Simulacre Vuit Empresas



In this section you will find the answers to your questions about the Simulacre VUIT and Room Escape games. Then, just enjoy!

What is an Escaping Game (Room Escape)

The global mission is to escape (to exit) the enclosed room within 60 min (1 hour). The room or chamber is a customized and upgraded place with narrative plot. Thus, it is accomplished by puzzles, cleverness and teamwork.

What happens if I suffer claustrophobia?

IT should not represent a problem. The places are sufficiently wide, decorated and acclimatized to avoid overwhelming and enclosing feelings. Nonetheless, we have a monitor equipped with surveillance cameras and you will be informed about a security button to be pressed if you ever feel to exit the room immediately.

What happens if only one player decides to abandon the game while we are playing?

A responsible monitor is always watching over the surveillance cameras. A player is allowed to leave the game whenever he or she desires while the rest continues to play.  Once a player has exited then is forbidden to renter the chamber.

Size of each group

Each team can vary from 2 to 6 players.

What happens if we are only two players?

It’s O.K. too. You can play but you must be aware that the less you are the more difficult it will be. The game has been conceived for teamwork.

Could it be offer as a gift?

VUIT simulacrum could be offered as a gift by employing our gift-coupons. So the experience will start even before coming to the place. The honored person would have 5 months after the buying date to use the gift-coupon. Ask in [email protected].

Any age restriction?

14 years-old is the minimal age required to play as long as the half of the group is over 18 years-old.  Over 17 years-old you are allow to entrance without an adult. The only reason to have a minimal age is in regard to the game complexity.

Is it scary? Do we need to be in shape?

The game is about cleverness and no strength is required throughout the game. No scary conditions are involved.


In this section you will be given the chance to choose between a single (open to compete to another unknown team or just for yourselves) or double reservation. For further information consult us to [email protected]

Do I have to be on time for my reservation?

Yes, it is very important to be on time since throughout the day more booking-games could have been done. Keep in mind that the game should last no more than 60 min but before starting a few are required to explain the rules. If you arrive 15 min late then it will not be possible to play the game and no refunding is allowed.


The price depends on the number of players. If you want to learn more about the prices go into the booking section. We recommend you to visit our opportunities section to enjoy our discounts and offers.


Once reserved the game will have the option to pay by credit card or deposit account. In the case of deposit account you’ll receive an email with your booking number that must be put as a concept at the time of making the payment.
It is very important that you put this concept well to confirm your reservation and pay at least 48 hours before the game. If the payment is not made 48 hours prior will proceed to cancel the booking.
Once the payment will be sent an email with details and billed the booking confirmation.
For Last Minute booking is essential to phone. In this case the payment will be in cash.

What happens if I can't come?

No charges will be included or a total refunding will be provided if your inform 48h prior to the booked-day. You shall send us an email to [email protected] with the booking number that you will find in the confirmation email.

Is it always possible to get out and to finish the game within 60 min?

No, it is not. It is a game conceived for you to use your intelligence and abilities, and some groups won’t be able to succeed.

What if we don't succeed within the 60 min?

Once the time is over and no team has succeeded the game would be finished and the activity concluded. You are invited to play in another opportunity.



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